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Through its advocacy against female genital mutilation in Meru region, CIFORD Kenya adopted alternative rites of passage for girls between 10 to 15 years a practice, which is aimed at upholding the culture and training these girls on all rites associated with traditional female genital mutilation practice but the girls are rather cut psychologically instead of physical. The girls are then groomed to decent women in the community through one week long seclusion.

 CIFORD Kenya started the Alternative rite of passage a decade ago which are done three times a year during the school holidays. There are over 3000 girls who have been rescued from Female Genital Mutilation through the ARP. Has this project been successful could be a question in our minds,

So, where are the girls who went through the ARP session a decade ago? Well, we are now  on a journey to trace the girls who went through our ARP share with you

Doris Kagwiria Story.

Doris attended CIFORD ARP in 2010 and we have her story.

Doris 10 years later with her two siblings who she acts as their role model and her 1 year old daughter at her matrimonial home.

Doris Kagwiria now a 25 year old  woman and supporting her community as a community health Volunteer .

CIFORD Kenya gave me a lot as a young girl aged 15 years old and because of them I am a responsible wife and  mother. I learnt a lot through their training and if not because of them I might have gone through female genital mutilation, become pregnant as a teenager or I might have dropped out of school when I was very young for early marriage. As a result of their training and education together with other girls in 2010 I am now a responsible mother and a devoted community health volunteer and I am thrilled to serve my community as CIFORD served me, it is such an honor

Doris training pregnant women on antenatal care and encouraging them to attend clinic

Speaking to CIFORD Kenya her husband said that he  is very proud of his wife since she is decent and disciplined woman and a lovely mother to his kid.  She  knows how to relate with the community.

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