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by Jun 1, 2019Women Empowerment

In Tigania school going adolescent girls  misses school during their menstrual period due to lack of sanitary towels. They also don’t  have information on the date of the cycle and causes of this. Others are embarrassed and they don’t wish to share the issue not even with their mothers or aunts.

Proper education on the menstrual period and hygiene  is not wholesome as most girls either are informed from their peers since tradition doesn’t allow the elderly to talk about menstrual period freely. Adolescent friendly services and commodities are not also in public domain since most adolescents struggle to get services such as health education.

CIFORD KENYA has developed school outreaches programmes where primary school girls are trained on menstrual cycle and hygiene . On 28th may 2019, being World menstrual hygiene day CIFORD visited Kiremu Primary school in Muthara ward, Tigania East Sub-county for a talk with the girls concerning the hygiene and their health during menstrual cycle.

The topics mostly surrounding sexual reproductive health rights among adolescents were the main point of focus the menstrual cycle. ‘I am happy and grateful for the sanitary towels, sometimes life becomes so hard that purchasing these pads becomes a problem since at home sometime the priority is usually food and that is all, so when the situations like menstrual cycle comes you are forced to absent yourself from school for at least one week’

Jane Karambu a class six girl said that she had no information about the mestruation and now she understands and can be able to share the information with her friends, She further said she will never be embarrassed as this is what makes her a complete woman.

The adolescent girls empowerment and information is key in building the self esteem of girls and giving them opportunity to reach out to full potential. We can reach more girls and young women with your support.

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