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Women play a critical role in the journey of community transformation by being on the front line as the game changers. Ntalami women group exemplifies this through their hard work, learning every day and walking the talk. CIFORD-KENYA has continuously engaged them through weekly trainings and actively participated in their steady progress.

‘’ we are now able to make our own farm yard manure and no longer relies on buying chemical fertilizers, we’ve been trained practically on how to make not only a compost heap manure but also the importance of tree planting and

The group chairlady told the CIFORD staff when they paid them a courtesy visit  to fast track their progress,

she added that they are implementing what they have been trained in matters organic agriculture by the CIFORD agricultural extension officer in their farms. They have seen their harvest increase steadily especially by use of land fertility conservation techniques, they are able to save the money that would have actually been spent on buying fertilizers to meet other expenses at home.

Paulina Kalincho a member of the same group reiterated that the CIFORD Director, Mrs. Ikiara Margaret is one person that they admire so much, they have seen her on the ground working with vulnerable communities passionately and touching so many lives for so many years. This is what motivates them to pull through together in order to better themselves and the community around them.

The members showcasing their bumper harvest of maize which they say was an improvement this time round compared to the previous season.

‘’an empowered woman creates ripple effect of success to those around and in effect to the larger society.’’

CIFORD courageously continues to transform the society, achieve sustainable development through self- help women group empowerment. Thanks to Soroptomist International and CHILD.ORG for their continued support.

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