Julia Kauria is a member of Kailakai Self help group in Kianjai ward, She is a beneficiary of CIFORD training program which is aimed at sustainable agriculture for food security. Julia has a garden and the joy in a whole family can be expressed in their faces.

For the last two years, There has not been enough rains and they have been facing food insecurity. Julia said,” We have been growing maize and beans for all the time until when CIFORD officers trained us on how to grow the root crops which are drought resistance. I planted sweet potatoes and There is a lot of hope and joy in my family as they can see food.”

Julia and her grand son Antony. Antony was so excited to get the sweet potatoes for a long time.

CIFORD has been training the farmers in Kianjai ward on kitchen gardening with minimal water and also growing of drought resistant food which can survive in the area with erratic and unreliable rains.

Some of the drought resistant crops farmers were encouraged  to plant were

  1. Sweet potatoes
  2. Millet
  3. Cow peas
  4. Cassava
  5. Pumpkins

Blessing Nkirote is the granddaughter of Julia and she was so excited when she was given the sweet potatoes she had to carry the sweet potato home before her grandma could finish getting enough for the family,

Food sovereignty  is the way to go.  Above is sweet potatoes

We  Thank you for your continued  encouragement and financial these families get information on best skills for growing their food.

At CIFORD Kenya we believe development starts with food sovereignty and security,   Thank you for making Julia family smile and all other families in the community.

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