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Meet Mary Njeri

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 Mary Njeri of Twarama women group

To generate income to be able to take good care of five children and an elderly mother in-law ;Mary Njeri needed something to do on top of the daily agricultural activities .The choice was very difficult to make  until when she joined members of Tumaini women group for beadwork training at CIFORD Kenya center. The training which she initially thought might not give her a solution but for trial she had t attend just in case the training might give her some skills.

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Mary Njeri hails from Twale, Tigania west Meru County. A region which experience long dry season spell has been challenging even to do agriculture since lack of water not only for agriculture but also for family use has been the order of the day and having other activities which are able to supplement agriculture and farming is always a blessing in disguise and after attending the CIFORD training Mary Njeri offered to use the opportunity to expand and make bags which she sell to her fellow women and the community at large.

“Initially I thought it is difficult and even getting market for the product would e difficult but when I bought beads and started people started making orders and that was the turning point and I roughly makes Ksh.1500 per bag which is quite a good deal for me considering the fact that I can make one bag in a period of one week when I have all he materials and also attending to other farm duties”

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