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CIFORD Well for Drinking Water Fund (Be a Part)

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Soroptimist International  of Glendale (SIG) recently hosted Margaret Ikiara of Meru, Kenya, who works for CIFORD as part of a friendship grant program for Soroptimist. We were so impressed by her presentation of the work CIFORD Kenya does to improve the lives of women and girls that we felt that fundraising towards their biggest ticket item, a well should be our goal. The price is $25,000.

CIFORD Kenya is a community based organisation that focuses on mobilising the local community to help improve their lives through rural development and social education. We are based in Meru County, Kenya, where, since 2000, we have been conducting various projects that focus on agricultural training, community empowerment, and sustainable living.

For about 10 years, we have encouraged local women’s groups to develop successful kitchen gardens and to work together to provide a support network for one another. Teaching them about micro-financing in order to financially support each other, sustainable agricultural training to feed their families and earn themselves an income, and organising educational seminars and discussions to help them evolve a better understanding about important social issues. We encourage them to challenge cultural traditions that have been contributing to oppression and poverty, emphasising the dangers of FGM and highlighting violations of their human rights.

With the help of a few generous partners dotted all over the world, we are also funding the installation of water tanks and energy efficient stoves in addition to wells to those people working hard under CIFORD initiatives towards a better future for rural Kenya.

The consequence of providing them with easier access to their basic needs has a positive effect on their family and their whole community. It allows their children and their children’s children to have the opportunities to focus on education and prepare themselves for a financially stable future and a quality of life that they were not necessarily fortunate enough to enjoy themselves.

Our training provides them with the knowledge to live and farm in a way that helps protect our environment, makes them aware of the consequences of climate change and contributes to the global goals set to reduce poverty and take care of our environment.



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