CIFORD Kenya has indentified a gap in the young women who have unplanned pregnancies and have dropped out of school or other institutions to care for the kids. These women are facing a lot of problems from stigma from family and relatives to poverty as they cannot be able to get an income. They are also faced with negligence as the men who are responsible leave them frustrated. In Meru County , the teenage pregnancy stands at 20% which is very high and leaves many girls with children at early age,

CIFORD has come in to support the girls emotionally and build their self esteem and confidence and also help them to make an income.

CIFORD Kenya mobilized all the girls who had kids and were hiding at home . They came together to form working groups where they were trained on group dynamics, formation and leadership skills.

They were further taken through the stages of Mother and child care and nutrition. Hygiene has also been brought on board especially for children. After this sessions, the young mothers have been taken for vocational training where they are training on Tailoring and dress making, hair dressing and beauty therapy, and Bead work. This has great built their self esteem and the girls are so committed to the course.

The training on the life skills continue with the young mothers getting skills they can useto generate an income. The training on Hair dressing and beauty Therapy continues.

These life skills have brought hope back to the young mothers and self esteem raised with the mothers getting more confidence.

This has made them realize that there is hope and life is not over. A total of 89 young mothers continue getting these skills.

We have many more girls in different areas who need support to create new hope . You can support  a program for adolescent girls empowerment  and also a young mother who has lost hope to see new hope and life.

Your input to this project makes a kid have a better future

Youth in school Mentorship.

The future of very community depends on its youth. The young people should be empowered, mentored and trained to be responsible citizen in the society. CIFORD Kenya has seen the need to work with the youth in school and out of school . This is due to the various...

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Young Mothers Empowerment

In Kenya, in the recent past the issue of teenage pregnancy has been highlighted and it’s alarming. In Meru, the teenage pregnancy stands at 20%.  CIFORD Kenya has focused on the issue of teenage pregnancy where we have a program on supporting the teenage mothers...

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a Community Based Organization operating in 5 Sub-Counties namely; Tigania East, Tigania West, Igembe North, Igembe Central and Igembe South of Meru County, Republic of Kenya.



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