Sustainable Agriculture

In Kenya, over 70% of the population is employed in Agriculture. The majority of the people in rural areas own land. However, it is heartbreaking to find some families, especially the widows and child-headed families who cannot efficiently farm their land because they lack of sufficient water to practice farming, lack of proper seeds and lack of information on the best farming practices. As a result, farmers are unable to grow enough food to feed their families, leading to many rural communities needing food aid. This restricted diet has led to many children becoming malnourished, which affects both their physical and mental development.  Women spend many hours looking for water, which severely restricts the amount of land they are able to cultivate.

 Community Initiative for rural development (CIFORD Kenya) is a community based organization (CBO) that promotes sustainable agriculture through participatory and innovative practices, including organic farming. The organization provides training in sustainable methods particularly for small scale farmers in the in Meru County especially in Tigania east and west.

Our Solutions:

  • Helps farmers Access to the best seeds for arid or semi-arid areas land and climate
  • Training in the better land management
  • Building business skills so farmers collectively plan what they grow and when and where to sell it for maximum income
  • Empowering women to have a greater say in decisions that affect their lives
  • Demonstrating agronomic practices and technologies in group plots used as training sites.
  • Provision of water tanks