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CIFORD Role in the fight against COVID 19

by Mar 20, 2020Covid 190 comments

As the world continues to face the challenge of COVID19, CIFORD Kenya through its community Health Department has been in front line to educate and create awareness on the dangers of Corona virus and how the rural communities can be able to avoid contracting the disease.

CIFORD Kenya has been co-opted in the Sub County Public Health  sensitization during this season of COVID 19. We continue to reach out to the women groups and educate them on basic hygiene and  hand washing to avoid the disease.

Officer from CIFORD training women on hand washing to avoid the CORONA virus.

Grace Nganga  a member of Makena women group is a very happy women. She explains that  being a water tank beneficiary from CIFORD Kenya will greatly help her during this period. *I have to get the water from my water tank and this is what I am using for washing my hands and other ways to observe the hygiene.* 

Grace told our officer. “ I have been staying in my house as we are directed by radio and  washing my hands after every 30 minutes for the whole day.” This is the information which has been made straight by the officer. 

Pride  of the family . The can easily access the water for all hygiene needs during the season. 

United we will be able to fight Corona. We are strong to overcome this. 

We encourage the families affected and we are together in this. Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the world, 

Blessings of Peace.

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