sustainable Agriculture

we encourage the farmers to use the locally available resources for food production.

These skills trained are economically viable, environmentally friendly, and culturally

acceptable and socially just for sustainable development.

Fight Againist FGM

To uphold the dignity and empowerment of girls and women in Kenya

through the coordination of initiatives, awareness creation, and advocacy

against FGM

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

CIFORD Kenya aims at improving general health conditions of the focus communities through

increased access to clean and safe water, good hygiene conditions, sanitation facilities and building

community capacity not only to maintain the facilities through Water User communities but to also to

lobby and advocate for qualitative and quantitative WASH services from other duty bearers.

Community Health


CIFORD Kenya conducts health promotion on preventive and control of health

complications at community through promotion of hygiene and sanitation, adolescent

and sexual reproductive health, pregnant women and young mothers training 

Women Empowerment

CIFORD Kenya  main aim is to improve livelihoods through combined financial and

technical assistance for rural women and youth with empowerment and training programs and

engaging them in their development processes

About Us

CIFORD Kenya is a community based organisation that focuses on mobilising the local community to help improve their lives through rural development and social education. We are based in Meru County, Kenya, where, since 2000, we have been conducting various projects that focus on agricultural training, community empowerment, and sustainable living


To solicit, access and build up resources necessary to facilitate, develop and empower the rural poor to participate effectively in their development process


A self-reliant rural community that is able to evolve sustainable development

Latest News and Events 

The Challenges of Physically challenged and elderly in Rural Kenya

Kalumera Thuranira is a 63 year old widow from Mumui sub location of Meru in the semi-arid region. Kalumera is seen as an outcast in the community as she is deaf and dumb and has no children. Her husband died 20 years ago who had married her as a second wife. Kalumera lives a lonely and alienated life.

Rays of Hope

Julia Kauria is a member of Kailakai Self help group in Kianjai ward, She is a beneficiary of CIFORD training program which is aimed at sustainable agriculture for food security. Julia has a garden and the joy in a whole family can be expressed in their faces.


Ann Mwari, a proud mother of six in her late 30s from Cheranga Village, Tigania West Constituency in Meru County. She is a member of Cheranga women self-help group. Her commitment, dedication and passion to unleash her potential through their group is quiet promising. Her journey started 2 years ago when she made a bold move to join colleague women in order to work together by bettering one another.

Young mothers supports in the fight of COVID 19

With Emergence of COVID19, these young mothers have chosen to come back and give back to the community by joining CIFORDs effort to fight COVID-19 in the rural community by helping to make masks for the communities to protect them from the virus.

congratulations to Maureen Maguire for Her election as the Soroptimist International President Elect 2020-2021

I take this opportunity to congratulate Maureen Maguire for Her election as the Soroptimist International President Elect 2020-2021 . We had a great opportunity to host Maureen Maguire and other SIGBI sisters at CIFORD Kenya during the Study visit in 2018 for Meru...

Where are they Now

CIFORD Kenya started the Alternative rite of passage a decade ago which are done three times a year during the school holidays. There are over 3000 girls who have been rescued from Female Genital Mutilation through the ARP. Has this project been successful could be a question in our minds,
So, where are the girls who went through the ARP session almost decade ago? Well, we are now on a journey to trace the girls who went through our ARP share with you

Door to door education to our members on COVID 19 and measures to prevent it

Supply of Soap CIFORD Kenya was proposed to be in the Sub County Taskforce Committee for the COVID 19. This gave has the permission to go out to the community and educate them on the Corona Virus how its transmitted, avoid and also the symptons. We have been passing...


ARP SEMINARS Through its advocacy against female genital mutilation in Meru region, CIFORD Kenya adopted alternative rites of passage for girls between 10 to 15 years a practice, which is aimed at upholding the culture and training these girls on all rites associated...


Women play a critical role in the journey of community transformation by being on the front line as the game changers. Ntalami women group exemplifies this through their hard work, learning every day and walking the talk. CIFORD-KENYA has continuously engaged them...


Nicholas Mutethia is a 12 year old young boy, son to Mr. Tongai Joseph and Mrs. Mukweyi Agnes from Twale village, Akithi ward in Tigania West constituency within Meru County. Mutethia schools in Twale primary in class 6. Currently is at home on an indefinite break...

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