From unprecedented population ageing to increasing unemployment, from global leadership imbalance to persisting conflicts, from resource scarcity to volatile global food supplies are the major challenges being encountered by young mothers in developing countries. Meru County is not an exempted from Meru region. CIFORD Kenya is working to eliminate these challenges by empowering women especially young mothers to enable them to be economically self-reliant and to stay healthy together with their families and especially child care, hygiene and nutrition.
CIFORD KENYA has organised the first ever one-day seminar to train the young women aged 16-35yrs on Child health, care and nutrition and how to boost themselves their economic opportunities by training on beadwork for income generation to supplement the family income and be an alternative to agriculture.


On Friday 3rd November 2017 young mothers gathered at CIFORD Kenya training hall, the young mothers were taught child health and nutrition. A total of 59 women attended the seminar with the following topics facilitated ;
 Breastfeeding practices
 Traditional cultural beliefs and practices
 Child illness management
 Complementary feeding
 Immunization/vaccination.

During the evening session, the women were taught theoretically and then practice on beadwork.

• History of beadwork
• Uses of beads
• Types of beadwork and how to make neckless
• Economic benefits of beadwork.

After the training the women proceeded for a practical plant trees within CIFORD compound where, more than 150 trees were planted with the assistance of staff members.

I. Most of the women welcomed the training with positivity and promised to adopt the practice as a mean of generating income.
II. Women practically came up with beautiful necklaces after training which showed commitment.
III, The young mothers, welcomed the training, and they confessed it was an eye-opener.

I. Insufficient varieties of beads to come up with different designs.
II. Lack of tools to establish a variety of the beadwork,
III. Lack of materials and equipment for the child health and nutrition

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