Family health has been a big concern in our community and Kenya at large. Many families have no idea of basic family health skills. Many families have little information and skills on the basic health and hygiene and the family planning methods.
In Tigania East and West Sub Counties, there is an increase in early marriages due to teenage pregnancies this has become a big concern as young girls continued having children at a small spacing. This raised a red flag in our organization, which has led to collaboration with Marie Stopes International to train on Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights including family planning to the young mothers and women.  CIFORD Kenya understands the water problem in relation to water-borne diseases in the target community and has been supporting families access water harvesting tanks and train on various water and sanitation hygiene.

1.    Reproductive Health

with a focus on family planning: This was a topic which raised a lot of interest with the women being taught on the different methods of Family planning for both men and women.  They were further taught on the side effects of each type and this topic had so many questions and experience sharing among the women.

Action Plan

CIFORD to conduct a medical camp where Marie Stopes international comes to administer the family planning to the childbearing mothers who will be interested. This activity will be held at CIFORD center which is accessible to all the women. This service will be free.

2.    Water and hygiene:

  • Members were trained in the various methods to reduce the water-borne diseases which related to water sources, hygiene and storage. The women were taken through basic hygiene and the ways to prepare the drinking water for their families.
    Need for the solid waste disposal was discussed with a focus on the toilets as many families have no toilets or poor ones.

After the training the women proceeded for a practical plant trees within CIFORD compound where, more than 150 trees were planted with the assistance of staff members.

  1. Women were able to learn and understand on factors contributing to lifestyle diseases such as cancer due to mishandling of chemicals.
  2. They learnt hygiene and basic health skills
  3. The women were trained and accepted different methods of family planning which they committed to share with their peers
  1.  Women need more of such training.
  2. The administration of the Family planning was not done.
  3.  Lack of resources to support women to have filters for clean drinking water
  4.  Lack of funds to support the families constructs ventilated improved pit latrines.
  • To involve the youth in the reproductive health training with a focus on Family planning to avoid teenage pregnancy
  • o partner with Marie Stopes to conduct medical camps in the community
  • Reach out more community for the reproductive health training.

Sneak peek

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